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Walnut Hollow Creative Hot Marks Tool Kit
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Walnut Hollow Creative Hot Marks Tool Kit

Walnut Hollow Creative Hot Marks Tool Kit Write, Mark, Melt, Transfer, Cut, Seal, Stamp, Emboss and Brand with one versatile tool. Kit includes the Creative Hot Marks Pen, Mini Flow Point, Universal Point, Calligraphy Point, Stencil Cutter, Shading Point, Hot Knife Point and 8 Stamps, all in a sturdy organizer case. The 16.5 watt, 120 volt tool features bright colors, comfortable grip and wire stand. The points heat to 750 degrees making it ideal for surfaces like paper, cardboard, leather, fabric, wax, foam, rubber, gourds and soap. Perfect for scrapbooking and rubber stamping. It seals pouches, stamps papers, transfers images, creates bold burned lettering and designs for an instant age effect and more. Wonderful full color packaging offers loads of creative ideas.
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