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Getaway Blk Monday - PS2
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Getaway Blk Monday - PS2

Getaway Blk Monday - PS2 The Getaway: Black Monday blurs the line between movies and video games. Its thrilling story intriguing characters cinematic cut scenes and orchestral score will suck you right into the drama. It's two years after the events of the first game you'll guide amateur boxer Eddie O'Connor into a seedy world of high-speed car chases shootouts and outrageous Cockney accents. Three playable characters each with their own agenda strengths and resources for a variety of game play options in one continuous game experience exciting driving missions as you burn up the city streets in the fastest cars in Europe dive into the world of organized crime in London piecing together the whole story from different perspectives. Play out all kinds of wild driving missions as you explore a virtual London filled with shady characters and deadly challenges Multiple endings and outcomes depending on which missions and players you choose. Ages 17 and older
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