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A.M. Activator & P.M. Relaxation 2 Bottle Bundle
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A.M. Activator & P.M. Relaxation 2 Bottle Bundle

Andrew Lessman A.M. Activator & P.M. Relaxation 2 Bottle Bundle Let Andrew Lessman help you achieve your ideal weight with the A.M. Activator and P.M. Relaxation Duo. A.M. Activator Morning Metabolic Support from Andrew Lessman is designed to be employed as a safe and healthy means of maintaining energy levels while stimulating and supporting fat-burning metabolism without the use of the potentially dangerous Ephedrine-containing herb, Ma Huang. A.M. Activator contains thermogenic herbs and naturaly cellular activators to jump-start your metabolism and facilitate your fat loss goals. It contains standardized herbal extracts that deliver natural caffeine-related alkaloids with a history of traditional use in many cultures for promoting energy and a sense of well-being. To further support your weight-loss goals by fighting fatigue and providing calming benefits, we include standardized extracts of panax (Asian) ginseng, eleutherococcus (eleuthero), ashwagandha and rhodiola - adaptogenic herbs with a history of traditional use going back thousands of years. In addition, A.M. Activator supplies chromium and vanadium to support healthy carbohydrate metabolism and the B-Complex vitamins to maintain energy production and fat metabolism. Finally, we add carnitine, along with its precursors, Vitamin C and lysine, to support the efficient transport and burning of body fat. The investment and sacrifices we make when dieting and exercising deserve the best results and the unique combination of ingredients in A.M. Activator is designed to safely and gently jump-start fat and energy metabolism, allowing your day to begin with the best opportunity to achieve the results your efforts deserve. P.M. Relaxation Evening Metabolic Support from Andrew Lessman is designed to help you sustain the benefits from a day of successful activity and weight-loss efforts by delivering the fat burning factors to support fat metabolism throughout the night, while also supporting a great night's sleep. A great night's sleep is vital to you starting the following day inspired and energetic about your weight-loss efforts and goals, so we include standardized extracts from nature's soothing and relaxing botanicals, including valerian root, passionflower, chamomile and hops. These natural botanical extracts will help you wind down so you can experience a great night's sleep and a great start tomorrow. Rhodiola acts as an adaptogen to provide calming benefits and promote feelings of well-being. We also include melatonin, which supports your body's natural sleep mechanisms by helping your body relax and prepare for sleep, which is often difficult when dieting and exercising. In addition, we include 5-HTP, for its support of serotonin production, which is associated with sound sleep, positive mood and appetite control. P.M. Relaxation also supplies a comprehensive blend of non-stimulant nutrients related to or essential for fat burning metabolism, including carnitine and its precursors, l
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